SA Mastery ART Tan/olive/camo tip WF-7-F

SA Mastery ART Tan/olive/camo tip WF-7-F
Kategorier: Fiskeutstyr, Sene/line
Brand: Scientific Anglers
999 NOK
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SA Mastery ART Tan/olive/camo tip WF-7-FThe All-Round Taper, or ART, is perfectly designed to handle nearly every freshwater fishing situation imaginable. From small dry flies to turning over nymph rigs, the ART has the power to turn over any fly without sacrificing delicacy. Built with an extended front taper for pinpoint deliveries, the ART features a muted color scheme with a camo tip for even the most wary of fish. Excels at single-hand Spey casts.Half-size heavy to load rods quicklyPowerful taper helps to turn over long dry-fly leaders and deliver nymphs and small streamersGreat for single-handed Spey castingTwo-tone super-stealthy colors with new camouflage tip for wary fishFloating texture on tip for higher flotationBraided multifilament core for cold-water applicationsSA MS ART WF X F (X = line weight)